Book 1, Life in Heaven after My Death by Andrew

Book Series 1, Understanding the Chaos, Facts, and Realities of Life and Death, Living and Dying
Book 1, “Life in Heaven after My Death by Andrew,”
Book, Life in Heaven After My Death by Andrew

Life in Heaven after My Death by Andrew: Help Dealing with Grief, Loss, and Death of a Love One is the first of a series of books about the supernatural, God, angels, death, and victory in Jesus Christ. In this book, five-year-old Andrew shares his unique perspective of his death on Earth and his journey to Heaven. He also relates his continued LIFE in Heaven as he watches God’s healing and transforming process of his “Daddy” from wounds, pain, grief, from death to healing, transformation, and LIFE again.

Originally, author Marvin Lee Adkins thought he was honoring his five-year-old son, Andrew by writing about Andrew’s drowning death, interaction with angels while in route to Heaven, his eternal home. He later realized that he did not write this book alone, Andrew helped by giving his unique perspective of all that happened to he and his “Daddy” as they traveled from life on Earth to LIFE in Heaven together and much more.

Listen as Marvin and Andrew share about the life through death process on Earth to LIFE in Heaven. They share how and why Andrew died and now lives in Heaven, who as a now grown son now awaits his “Daddy’s” soon arrival with others too. They share how God has allowed them to go to Heaven through time travel to see or visit each other in spiritual out of body experiences, called OOBE or OBE.

They share how as Marvin dared to “get real” with God, in turn God got just as real with him. Only then God could heal, reveal Truth, and miraculously transform Andrew’s “Daddy” from a pious, religious preacher “doing ministry” religiously. To a another, new, yet different level, as God’s new man of living LIFE Ministry everywhere he goes, daring to allow God to live and minister to others through him on Earth daily.

The Andrew Book” gives insights, knowledge, and understanding of the life and death process. It shares the true story of Andrew who drowns. Andrew time travels with his “daddy” from life on Earth to eternal life in Heaven, from two uniquely different perspectives.

A reader said, “It simply tells it like it is and says all that needs to be said.”

It will help you:

  • Understand and enjoy the life through death into eternity process more
  • Overcome your fear and pain of death and dying, anxiety, depression.
  • Replace the pains of grief, bereavement, and mourning with God’s peace, hope, joy, love, and faith.
  • Start living again, don’t die in a “rut” like most people which all too soon becomes their grave.
  • Your Questions about Living and Dying are answered with frank, honest, real answers to the hard questions about life, death, and the afterlife, including:
  1. “God, where the Hell were you when my loved one died?”
  2. How do you prepare for death?
  3. What does God, Heaven, and angels look like?
  4. What happens when we die?
  5. What is it like to meet, walk, and talk with God?
  6. Is Heaven real?
  7. Where do we go when we die? And more…
  • You receive hope, watching with Andrew as his “Daddy’s” broken heart and life are healed goes through the states of grief and loss. He is transformed from a religious preacher “doing” ministry into God’s new man, as God ministers His love, life, and power to hurting, needy people daily.
  • Help Love Ones Get Up and Go on with Life after suffering the death of a loved one by enjoying Life God’s way in a new day with knowledge and understanding about
  • Topics Discussed:
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  48.  What Heaven is like
  49. More too.

Other similar books are:

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  •  “When People are Big, and God is Small” by Edward T. Welch

Thus, life and death become more important, embraced, valued, and anticipated, not shunned or feared once you know, understand, and have prepared to live, die, and enter into God’s best for your life fully.

So, BUY HERE NOW, then read, learn, and understand what you need to know about life and death, living and dying, how to prepare for death and how to overcome the death of a child or loved one.

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What Reviewers Say:

“Marvin, you did a good job, telling it the way it is, saying all that needs to be said.”

Tyler Smith, Retired U.S. Army, Port St. Joe, FL


This book will touch your heart as it has never been touched before! I recommend this book to everyone!

-Wanda Merlene Prescott, mother and homemaker, Panama City, FL


 “Powerful! Moving! This book is a real and thoroughly engaging account of a man of God, his family’s tragedy, losing his youngest son, and the spiritual transformation that subsequently occurred. I was gripped with love for Andrew and his entire family as his voice flowed through his Daddy’s pen.”

Rev. Dr. Lalita R. Smith, Havilah House Publishing, LLC, Spiritual Wine, Wisdom, and Oil Blog, Visionary Founder, God Campaigns, Dallas, TX


Life in Heaven after My Death by Andrew is a great book, telling an excellent story. I like the author’s style of writing. He has given great insight into the pain of suffering the loss of a child. I highly recommend this book, especially to those who have experienced such a tragedy.  Marvin’s books are profoundly enlightening. He writes with great spiritual insight.”

-Ruth Carey Powers, Poet, and Author, Heart Strings, Poetry from the Heart, Picayune, MS


“I have known Marvin Adkins since the 1990’s, and I have watched his healing journey over the loss of Andrew. I believe Andrew’s and Marvin’s story will bring encouragement and healing to others who have experienced the unexpected loss of a loved one!”

– Billy Joe Young, President of Repairers of the Breach Ministry, Corinth, Mississippi


“When I read this book for the first time flying across America, I didn’t put it down! It is both factual and will be a healing comfort to those who have lost a loved one, and yet they were walking with the Lord! Put this book in the hands of your friends when they are grieving in spirit with some hard questions about life, death, and the afterlife.”

Stacy Mitchell, Prophet/Evangelist, Acts Again Ministry, Birmingham, AL


“Marvin Adkins has been a dear friend for over twenty years. I have witnessed his transformation over the years. This book addresses the reality of our spiritual battles once we experience the death of a child. As I read this book, it brought back many struggles I have had since my husband passed away a year ago. This book brings much-needed healing to people like me who are seeking the Lord for healing after the loss of a loved one. I encourage you to read this book with an open heart to the Lord for healing.

Apostle and Author Pat Lee, Hub Gathering Revival Center and Greater Works World Outreach Ministries, Hattiesburg, MS


“Marvin brings clarity about the process of life, death, and Life again out of his pain. Read it again and again and share it with others you love.”

Mark D. Gambino, Cornelius House International, LIFE Pastor at World Outreach Revival Center, Picayune, MS

“This is a touching story of a young boy’s homegoing. Andrew’s father writes in the book showing the death of his son and what happens when he journeys to Heaven. It’s a beautiful perspective as the five year old discovers what happens after death as he sees Heaven and the angels. This story also shows the family’s trials and what they go through after Andrew dies. The book then looks at the father’s own path through grief and how he grows during this time. There is some really good advice for those who have lost a loved one, and I recommend this book because I believe it would be a comfort and a help.”

Lee Broom, Pastor’s Wife, Faithway Ministeries, Picayune, Mississippi


“Marvin and his wife Mimsy keep the roads ‘hot’ in their hybrid car interceding for and releasing God’s revival fires across the land as they ministers to saints and sinners. I am confident that Marvin’s journey will inspire others who have faced such a devastating loss. God will use this book to heal countless people’s wounded, grieving souls and broken hearts as they pass through their valley of the shadow of death. Prepare to be deeply moved and glean insights into this gripping, compelling, and dramatic story unfolds to the honor and glory of our God.”

David Johnson, Pastor of Saints Fellowship Church, Harahan, LA


“I love Brother Marvin Adkins. You have really touched me. You are so amazing to me, you and your wife. I am one of many that got to meet you and your wife and I thank God for that.”

Candes Sherman, wife and Housewife, Jackson, Mississippi


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