Book 4, Godly Spiritual Discernment versus Ungodly Divination, How to Know the Godly from the Ungodly in Ideology, Theology, Doctrines, Politics, and Practice by Author Marvin Lee Adkins

This book helps separate the genuine from the fake. Indeed, there are many winds of doctrines blowing across the landscape, minds, understandings, and spirits around the world today. While some are godly, many are indeed ungodly. This book helps you know the difference between the freeing godly and the enslaving ungodly.

Herein we look at various important aspects of the supernatural and natural realm in which we all live today, including

  1. The popularity of spirits, spiritualism, and the paranormal or supernatural realm today.
  2. Myth- All things Spiritual are good and godly.
  3. How God’s spirit guide beats all ungodly spirit guides easily.
  4. Satan’s Fakes versus God’s Real Spirit and spirit guides.
  5. How powerful are God and His Angels over Satan and his demons?
  6. The importance and reality of spiritual warfare in our world today.
  7. The importance of stopping, looking, resting, going and flowing in our world today.
  8. Beware of Satan’s Devices
  9. How God’s Revealing R’s keep you safe and sound on your LIFE journey today.
  10. Know the difference between fake-abee and really be Christians.
  11. God’s levels of Christian maturity in the Kingdom of God today.
  12. How to know the real from the fake, true discernment versus false divination.
  13. The ungodly go “MAD” and do “Crazy” things.
  14. The importance of being Berean today.
  15. And, more.

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The Table of Contents and subtitles of this book give you the reader a greater understanding and insight of the information and organization of this book, including:


  1. Always Build upon a Firm Foundation
  2. Why is This Book Important?
  3. This book is Important Because It Asks and Answers Pertinent Questions in our Messed Up World Today
  4. Ask the Right Questions to Get the Right Answers
  5. My Personal Spiritual History
  6. The Purpose of This Writing
  7. How do You Tell the Difference between the Godly and the Ungodly?
  8. The Premises of this Book
  9. Scriptures to live by are:
  10. Be Berean
  11. Come Join Us

Chapter 1, False Teachers Teaching Fake “Truth”

  1. Spiritual Discernment versus Spiritual Divination Today
  2. America’s Chaos After the 2016 Presidential Election and Beyond
  3. False Teachers
  4. The Bottom Line
  5. Chapter Summary.

Chapter 2. Statistics are Revealing

  1. Basic Judeo-Christian Beliefes in America Today
  2. Catholics Believe
  3. Protestants Believe
  4. Born Again Christians Believe
  5. Jews Believe
  6. Most Americans See Themselves as “Christians,” But…How Does God See Them?

Chapter 3. Worldwide Interest in Angels and the Supernatural
Chapter 4. Myth: All Things Spiritual Are Good and Godly.

  1. Once ALL Angels Were Good, Obedient and Faithful
  2. Oppression vs. Possession

Chapter 5. God’s Character God’s Spirit Guide Beats All Satan’s “Spirit Guides”

  1. Satan’s New Age Spirit Guides.
  2. God’s Spirit Guide is God, Himself
  3. Chapter Summary

Chapter 6. Truth: Satan’s Fakes versus God’s Real

  1. Always Remember
  2. Satan wants Us to worship other gods, even fallen angels (Demons)
  3. Warnings
  4. Satan Copies, Corrupts, Perverts and Counterfeits God’s Originals
  5. New Orleans Voodo Witch
  6. Chapter Summary.

Chapter 7. God and His Angels Are Far Superior to Satan and His Demons

  1. Angels and Demons Compared
  2. Angels and Demons Reflect the Values of God and Satan
  3. God and Satan Compared
  4. God’s Angels and Satan’s Demons Are Similar
  5. Angels and Demons Are Dissimilar Opposites
  6. Satan’s Demons Are Associated with Satan’s Death, Thievery From, and Destruction of Humanity
  7. God and His Angels Are Far Greater than Satan, and His Demons Ever Can Be.
  8. God and His Angels Are Greater and More Powerful Than Satan, and His Demons Ever Can Be.

Chapter 8. Truth: Spiritual Warfare, “It is in the Book.”
Chapter 9. Stop, Look and Listen.

  1. Beware of the Three Old G’s
  2. Seek to Embrace God’s Three New G’s

Chapter 10. Beware of Satan’s Devices Used Against People
strong>Chapter 11. How to Tell the Godly from Ungodly and Satanic

  1. How to Know the Godly from the Ungodly and Satanic?
  2. Remove You and find God?

Chapter 12. God’s Keys of Revealing R’s of Revelation

  1. Fruit of the Spirit Poem
  2. Remember
  3. Chapter Summary.

Chapter13. What is on the Tree, Godly Fruit or Ungodly Works?
Chapter 14. Fake “Religious People” Versus Real “Relational Christians”
Chapter 14. Genuine Relational Christians, in the Family of God

  1. Babes in Christ
  2. Children of God
  3. Immature Children of God

Chapter 15. Intro to Discernment versus Divination

  1. Two Types of Discernment
  2. Test and See Everything, If They are of God
  3. Natural or Carnal Discernment
  4. Godly Discernment
  5. Godly Discernment Can Be Improved
  6. We Must Know the Word of God

Chapter 16. Discernment in General
Chapter 17. Ungodly Divination

  1. The Word “Divination”
  2. God Warns of Divination
  3. The Apostle Paul Confronts a Demonic Spirit of Divination
  4. Woman With A Familiar Spirit Shows Up at Church
  5. Warning

Chapter 18. Godly Spiritual Discernment Versus Ungodly Spiritual Divination Chart
Chapter 19. The Ungodly Go MAD

  1. Fellow Americans We Have a Problem
  2. Jesus’ Power Is from God – A House Divided Will NOT Stand
  3. America Has Been Warned and Threatened
  4. Post-2016 Presidential Election Reveals the Hearts of People for Who They Really Are
  5. Hope for A Presidential Assassination
  6. Anarchical Views are Unchecked in the name of “Free Speech.”
  7. Fussing and Fighting Gets Nobody Anywhere
  8. Bad Losers or What?

Chapter 20. Be Berean

  1. Inquiring minds want to know All the Truth.
  2. Do We See Any Satanic Devices Involved?

Chapter 21. Applying What We Have Learned to the Matter at Hand

  1. But Knowledge Must be Applied to be Effective in Making Changes
  2. Applying God’s Revealing R’s of Revelation to Our Lives and Situation Today
  3. How to Know the Godly from the Ungodly and Satanic?
  4. Truth Must Be Applied Fairly, This is NOT a Rule Book
  5. The Lack of Godly Spiritual Discernment and a Huge Supply of Ungodly Spiritual Divination
  6. Steps in Rightly Discerning Between the Godly and the Ungodly in All Areas
  7. The Keys to Knowing the Godly from the Ungodly
  8. Always Remember.
  9. Chapter Summary

Chapter 21. Book Summary
Chapter 22. Prayers

  1. Prayer Helps and Enables Us
  2. Prayer of Healing and Forgiveness
  3. My Prayer of Blessings and Healing for You
  4. Salvation Prayer for Everyone
  5. My Prayer for Your Fulfilled Purpose and Destiny

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