Book Author Marvin Lee Adkins at his office desk where he writes most of his books, teachings and online articles.

Frequently Asked Questions of Book Author Marvin Lee Adkins:

  1. Do you, pastor, if so, where? Yes, I currently serve as one of the pastors of World Outreach Revival Center located at 900 Cayten Street, Picayune, Mississippi 39466. I also serve as a nontraditional pastor of what God called, “The largest church in Pearl River County, Mississippi made up of all those people who do not normally attend church anywhere else.” NOTE. Now that I am traveling so much I am simply pastoring hurting and wounded people wherever as  God gives opportunity and insight for them
  2. What is your religion? Denomination? I am a Christian believer in my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, serving Father God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac and the Apostle Paul here on Earth in LIFE Ministry in a trans-denominational setting. I am redeemed from my sins by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. I have a strong Kingdom of God focus: being raised in a Pentecostal church, attending other churches, confirmed in the Anglican Catholic Church and an ordained pastor by Freedom in Christ Ministries.
  3. What type of minister are you? Uniquely different than most. I no longer do the regular, traditional work of the minster. Rather my LIFE is my ministry. I simply trust and obey God, by doing, saying, writing what God gives me. I operate under an apostolic anointing of the five fold ministry. I can, have and do: prophecy, pastor, teach, evangelize in equipping the saints of God to become all God has ordained us to be in this God’s Kingdom Age.
  4. What are your political affiliations? I am a lifelong, independent thinker, a registered Democrat who supports the NRA and Christian causes. My wife is a lifelong Republican. Such is life.
  5. When and where were you born? Raised? Where have you lived? My identical brother Alvin Lee Adkins and I were born in Chipley, Florida on August 11, 1953 weighing less than 4 pounds combined. Alvin died and I survived miraculously. I was raised in the seaport town of Port St. Joe, in the panhandle of Northwest Florida. I have lived in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and now near Picayune, Mississippi.
  6. When will you next be speaking? Where?  At this moment my schedule is open for speaking. However, I minister where I am invited. often ministering with others in conferences and public speaking engagements. Most of my time now is in writing, publishing and promoting my books.
  7. Where Can I get your books? The fastest way is to order online from Amazon.com HERE. Click on:

 or by copying and pasting https://www.amazon.com/author/marvinleeadkins into your internet browser.

  1. Where did you attend school? College? Other? I graduated from Port St. Joe High School in Port St. Joe, Florida in 1972. Received my Associate of Science degree from Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Florida. Later I attended Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) in Dallas, Texas before transferring to Southwestern Assemblies of God College in Waxahachie, Texas. I still lack 6 credit hours in obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Evangelism (I left school to pastor). I have a lifetime of enrollment in the School of Hard Knocks via which God is changing and transforming me from the religious person I once was. Currently, God is continuing to change and transform from the religious person I once was, into the man of destiny He has ordained me to become.
  2. Can you give me some publishing and writing tips? Not really, but there are excellent resources on www.Amazon.com for writers and publishers, such as:
    1. Book Marketing Checklist for Self Publishing by J. Bruce Jones,
    2. Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual
    3. Dan Poynter’s Writing Nonfiction.
    4. Published. The Proven Path from Blank Page to Published Author by Chandler Bolt
    5. Launch to Market, Easy Marketing for Authors by Christ Fox
  3. How do you write so many books? Generally, God will awaken me in the middle of the night about 2 to 4 am, telling me what to write. Then I go into my home office and begin writing. As I am obedient to write what God gives me, it just seems to come. Later I “flesh” out the points, research details, after editing I add supporting scriptures, footnotes, additional notes, etc. I normally write several books simultaneously, according to what God is talking about at that moment. I keep asking God, “Can I finish what I have already started?” In my writing as in other areas of my life, sometimes I get to finish then, sometimes not.

Currently, I am either in the process of writing, fleshing out or publishing about 30 books. NOTE Most authors tell me, they only write one book at a time. Guess I am an exception. My constant prayer to God is, “God, please let me get finish with what I am working on before I go to another project.”

I realize God is always talking, showing and revealing eternal truth, instructions, and directions. So I try constantly to hear and obey what God ways. The secret is in communing and talking with God, an article came to mind, “Change” which is all about how everything alive and every situation is constantly changing either for the better or worse.

  1. How many books do you plan on writing? Currently, I have a list of 56 titles thumbtacked to a shelf ever in front of me. I know I have over 70 books total in my spirit and thoughts for more are constantly coming to me. I currently have about 22 books already researched, but not yet fully completed.
  2. I need help with my writing, editing, publishing, formatting, etc, where can I get help? I suggest you join a local writers group and/or read the following: Refer to the other books listed above (#9) and check with your local library regarding local writers groups you might want to visit or become part of. I have and attend a local Christian writers group called “Royal Writers” here in Picayune, Mississippi. You can check out www.Faverr.com too.
  3. Where do you write? Generally in my home office. But I have also written in while watching television with my wife Mimsy, on our back porch, in travel trailers, at campsites, in motel rooms, on airplanes as I travel. In short, I write most anywhere I feel the need and I have the time. Currently, I am writing from my mom’s home in Panama City, Florida and from my home office in Picayune, Mississippi. Soon I plan on visiting many of our National Parks and State Parks as I travel across America again, revisiting and seeing new places in this awesome country God has blessed us with. Yes, I am proud to be an American and thankful God chose me to serve Him and dictate what He gives me into our books as I partner with God in all that I say and do, including writing, speaking, preaching, travels, LIFE ministry, etc.
  4. Why did you become a publisher? After my original publisher dropped me and all her other authors, telling me, “You can do it…” In short, out of necessity.
  5. Why did you become a writer? After the death of my five-year-old son Andrew, God placed on my heart the topic of writing about God, angels and the supernatural realm. I argued that there already are too many books about these topics already. But as I researched these topics, I found there are far too many books calling “good, evil and evil, good.” God used this fact to convince me to put forth His eternal Truth to expose and dispel the myths, fallacies and outright lies emanating from the pits of Hell.

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