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Additional forthcoming books in Series 3, The Brainwashing of America, at this time others may be added later are:

  1. God’s Unstoppable Trump Train” reveals what God is miraculously doing in America as He partners with Americans to fulfill America’s destiny today.
  2. Who and What is President Donald Trump Today?” looks beyond the hair and shell to see the real inside of Donald John Trump, President of the United States.
  3. God’s Walk Away Democrats and God’s Run Today Christians” gives it’s readers three choices about their lives and future for themselves and America.
  4. Barack Hussein Obama, Savior, Socialist, or Traitor of America?” takes a factual look at the life and fruit of the first black President of the United States, who changed America for the better or worse?
  5. Donald John Trump, Savior or Con of America?” looks at the facts and fruitfulness of the Trump years which changed America for the better or worse?
  6. “Will the Real President of the United States of America Please Stand Up, Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, which is Real, which is Fake?” looks at each of the 2016 Presidential candidates and gives a biblical perspective of their credibility and validity as candidates for the [highest political office and most powerful person on Earth. It separates the facts from the fiction and the fake news and false doctrine blowing across the landscape, minds, and spirits across America and around the world.
  7. How to Fix America, Defeating America’s Enemies Without and Within America
  8. American’s Views, World Views and Perspectives in America Today
  9. A New Day in America
  10. The Day Our World Changed, the Day America Shifted
  11. The Great Falling Away Today
  12. America, Where Do We Go From Here?
  13. America, Doing It God’s Way?

NOTE. Until I finish writing all these book titles, the words in the titles and descriptions still MAKE YOU THINK and realize that there is more going on behind the scenes than what we hear on the liberal news media such as CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, which are controlled by the “Big 6” corporate media conglomerates.

Book Series 4, Partnering with God in Spiritual Warfare including:

  1. Book 1, Who Christians Really Are, the Hidden Authority and Power of God’s Saints in the World Today reveals who and what God’s saints are in Jesus Christ and who and what God the Holy Spirit is within them. Sorting 800 different things God says Christians are in New Testament into various topics or categories into a prescribed format, which we already have. 60 % complete
  2. Book 2, Partnering with God and His Angels in the Army of God on the Earth Today is important because it looks at the Priest-King role of Christians today in spiritual warfare. It looks at spiritual warfare from two totally different perspectives: the spiritual priesthood and the kingship level of governmental legal authority given unto the body of Christ today. It compares the priesthood and kingship roles of authority, moving us out of the old religious ways of praying into God’s new levels of strategic-level spiritual warfare today. Here we no longer pray against anything ungodly that dares move, into strategic strikes that destroy the works of Satan in the world today. 30 % complete
  3. Book 3, God’s Holy Spirit, the Best Spirit Guide and Teacher, Comforter and Spirit Guide informs and introduces you to the person, work, and power, leading, guiding and teaching ability of God, the Holy Spirit in the world today. 50 % complete

Book Series 5, Angels and Supernatural Beings in the Natural and the Supernatural Paranormal Realm, including:

  1. Book 1, God’s Green Beret, SEALS and Special Forces Soldiers in the Army of God, tells about the several of angels and spiritual warriors available in the various armed forces of God. 20 % complete
  2. Book 2, All the Facts about God’s Angels and the Army of God You WIll Ever Need to Know, tells all about the angels of God including, who they are, what they do, what they are not, what they cannot do, how powerful they are, etc. It helps clarify myths, lies, and deceptions about God’s angels based upon what God says about these most special supernatural loyal servants of the most high. 80 % complete
  3. Book 3, No You Can’t, Yes You Can Command Angels Today. Or Can You Really Command Angels? Looks candidly and biblically at the facts, scripture, teachings, and practices of commanding angels in the world today. Still deciding if I want to complete this only as an online article, a booklet or a short book, now or later.
  4. Book 4, All the Facts About God’s Holy Angels and the Angelic Realm of the Supernatural You Ever Need to Know20 % complete
  5. Book 5, God’s Angels versus Satan’s Demons in the Natural and Supernatural Paranormal Realms. much of the research is complete, but the format of presentation is under review. 30 % complete

In addition to these titles, there are over fifty other listed books in various stages of completion to come forth as soon as possible and practical, (ASAPP), including:

  1. What Did Mary, the Mother of Jesus Do with Jesus Christ, the Son of God? The outline with scripture references is complete, the narrative is 60 % complete
  2. Aspects of Faith. 60 % complete
  3. Faith is, Knowing What True Faith in God Really is 40 % complete
  4. Politically Correct or Righteous in the Eyes of God? 40 % complete

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