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Book Author Marvin Lee Adkins at his office desk where he writes most of his books, teachings and online articles.

The latest news about book author Marvin Lee Adkins:

  1. Updated his first book, “Life in Heaven After My Death By Andrew” more insights and a new back cover.
  2. Wrote and Published the following books:
    1. America, Democracy Teetering on Socialism
    2. Biblical Myths and Lies We Believe About Angels, Demons, Spirits, Ghosts, and Spirituality in the Supernatural Realm
    3. “Biblical Myths and Lies We Believe about God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and Spirituality in the Supernatural Realm”

During the 2019 Summer and Early Fall, Marvin:

  • Finishing up the narrative on his latest books,
    1. How to Take Back America by Defeating Socialism in America Today
    2. No You Can’t, Yes, You Can Command Angels”
    3. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka “AOC”, Dumb, Dangerous or What?”
    4. “‘My Church is Sick’, God”
  • Preparing for Family Time with son’s family and two upcoming family reunions (Sexton family) and (Adkins family). Taking 6 year-old grand son fishing with “Pappy”
  • Worshiped and shared with WORC Members
  • Prayed with Picayune Pastors about God’s Transforming Power
  • Researching new book, “God’s New Ways in the Coming Last Days
  • Convened a Meeting of Prophets and Seers on February 16, 2018, “What God is Saying for the Kingdom of God and the Body of Christ in 2018 and Beyond”.
  • Preparing to Market and Promote the Second Edition of the Book and Kindle eBook, Life in Heaven after My Death by Andrew” (Below)
  • Learning how to partner with God better, not just asking for God to bless our mess.
  • Researching More Books:
    1. Barack Hussein Obama: Savior, Socialist, or Traitor of America?
    2. Will the Real President of These United States of America Please Stand Up: The Battle Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
    3. God’s New Ways in These Last Days
    4. “God Where the Hell Were You When My Baby Died? Victory Over Depression and Stages of Grief, Bereavement, and Loss”
    5. A complete Study Guide About Angels, All About Angels, Who Angels are and What Angels Do.”
    6. “Suicide Is NOT The Answer, Overcoming Depression and Thoughts of Suicide”
    7. “Why Do I Exist, Why Am I Here, What is Your Purpose in Life? Questions about Life and Death Answered”
  • Various Ministry Involvements:
    1. Prayed for a man in hospital in Panama City, Florida, and others including leading a woman to salvation through Jesus Christ.
    2. Preached message “Wierd or What?” about what normal Christians should be doing daily, everywhere at Saints Fellowship in New Orleans, LA on Sunday 09/24/2017. NOTE Audio Message will be online at and ASAPP.
    3. Numerous Spiritual Deliverance Sessions.

Additional books, online articles, and teachings will be forthcoming ASAPP

(see some forthcoming book listings below). Stay abreast of what Marvin is doing and where he will be next online at  Or via Marvin’s blog, YouTube Vlog, emailFacebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Please Contact Us HERE regarding any specific books (listed below) you are interested in any of the following books, not yet released.

  1. Book 2, Spiritual and Biblical Myths and Lies We Believe about Angels and Demons, Spirits and Ghosts in the Supernatural Paranormal Realm separates common falsehoods people believe today from facts and truth about angels and demons, apparitions, familiar spirits, prevalent in our world today. It’s readers: (1) See digital photographic proofs and learn facts which prove angels and demons, God and Satan, and Heaven and Hell are real and interact with mankind here on Earth. (2) Get credible answers to practical questions about angels, demons, spirits, spirit beings, ghosts, apparitions, familiar spirits and spiritualism others ignore. This item is scheduled for release on November 19, 2017. Learn more about this book HERE NOWWatch Introductory Video HERE NOW.  NOTE This book has been put on hold for release by Amazon rules until 2019.
  2. Book 3, Spiritual and Biblical Myths and Lies We Believe about the Bible, God, and Satan, Heaven and Hell and Spiritualism in the Supernatural Paranormal Realm candidly, biblically and historically destroys common myths and lies we believe about the Bible, God and Satan, and Heaven and Hell. It explains common myths, lies, and misconceptions we believe about the Bible, God and Heaven, Satan and Hell including, How everything spiritual is NOT good or godly, Who is greater God or Satan and how? How and why did Jesus Christ NOT operate on Earth as fully God? Why most people want to go to Heaven, but few want to die? How Satan and God are NOT equal opposites; How the God and the Bible have influenced Society and History? Why does mankind not have all the right answers? Why God and the Bible are NOT optional? Why are the names of God and Satan important? Why it is important that we serve God, not Satan in all that we say and do? Are God and the Bible relevant, or optional today? Are God, the Bible, Angels, Man and the supernatural inseparable? Where to go for all the best answers? Did Jesus come to Earth as God, man or both? Does everyone go to Heaven? How did we get into this mess and how do we get out of it? What does everyone want to do, but not everyone can? How relevant is the Bible, God, angels, and man in the Earth and supernatural realm today? How to know the difference between the godly and ungodly? Who alone has all the answers to all life’s questions? Was Jesus “normal” or just weird? Did Jesus come to Earth as God, man or both? Is everything spiritual good and Godly? Are Heaven and Hell real? Who goes to Heaven, Hell? How important is the Bible in world history, in American history, society and today? Does ignoring God and the Bible make them disappear or irrelevant? What are the names and characteristics of God and Satan? How are God and Satan similar and different? Are God and Satan just equal opposites? Are Heaven and Hell real? Is there proof that the supernatural exists? This and more is in this book. This item is scheduled for release on November 19, 2017. Learn more about this book HERE NOWWatch Introductory Video HERE NOW.  NOTE This book has been put on hold for release by Amazon rules until 2019.
  3. Book 4, “Discernment vs. Divination, How to Know the Godly from the Ungodly in Ideology, Theology, Doctrines, Politics, and Practice helps separate the genuine from the fake. Indeed there are many winds of doctrines blowing across the landscape, minds, understandings, and spirits around the world today. While some are godly and true, many are indeed ungodly and false. This book helps you know the difference between the freeing godly and the enslaving ungodly. Herein we show how God’s Holy Spirit Guide beats all ungodly spirit guides hands down, Compare Satan’s fakes, How powerful is God’s angels over Satan and his demons, The importance and reality of strategic spiritual warfare in our world today. Why stopping, looking, resting, going and flowing is important in our world today. How to be ever aware of Satan’s Devices. How God’s Revealing R’s keep you safe and sound today. How to know real Christians from ungodly “fake christians”? God’s levels of Christian maturity in the Kingdom of God today. How to know the God’s real from Satan’s fake, true discernment versus false divination? Why the ungodly go “MAD” and do “Crazy” things. The importance of being Berean today. And more. This item is scheduled for release on November 19, 2017. Learn more about this book HERE NOWWatch Introductory Video HERE NOW.  

Come read for yourself and learn what you have been missing.

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