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Author Marvin Lee Adkins in a quiet place in God’s presence.

Author Marvin Lee Adkins is an ordained minister, prophetic seer, researcher, and is God’s testimony, as he allows God to live and reveal God’s LIFE Ministry of the Kingdom of God Age on the Earth today.

Pastor Marvin Lee Adkins is also an authority on life and death, God and Satan, Heaven and Hell, angels and demons, spirits and ghosts, and spirituality in supernatural spirit realm.

As such, Marvin offers invaluable insights into dealing with the stages of grief, mourning, and loss of life, in the death process. He once lost over 40 friends and family members to death in a year, including his mother and an uncle.

Marvin has dealt with all types of natural and spiritual situations in over forty years of hands-on ministry experience, on the streets, in jails, in churches, in homes, etc.

Marvin primary mission is to teach, preach, train, and equip the saints of God to become all God has ordained them to be and glorify God in all that they say and do. Wherever he goes, embedded in his spiritual mission statement is the importance of our being God’s living epistles (testimonies) wherever God may lead us. He is a spiritual father to many spiritual children across America. He has long been a qualified spiritual leader in prayer and spiritual warfare; including involvement in numerous strategic prayer assignments and organizations.

Pastor Marvin Adkins in his office, where he writes most of his books

His LIFE ministry travels take Marvin across America as a speaker, prophetic voice, healing minister, and biblical teacher. He has been interviewed as a guest and has interviewed others on several radio and television programs. Marvin no longer “does ministry” for today he knows his LIFE is his ministry. No longer is Marvin seeking another spiritual “Great Awakening”, he knows God is awakening the Kingdom of God on the Earth within him, today.

Marvin, his lovely wife “Mimsy” and family reside near Picayune, Mississippi USA on a horse farm. They share seven children and thirteen grandchildren.

He enjoys fly fishing, boats, and the sea, lighthouses, traveling, woodworking, tinkering with projects such as solar power. Most of all he loves sharing the love and “fun” of God in his LIFE ministry 24/7. Marvin enjoys watching God transforms others out of sin and religion into God’s new person loving, walking with God and seeing God live through them, like him.

No matter how he is dressed outwardly: in work coveralls, shorts and a tee shirt, in dress cloths, to those that know him well, he is “the real deal.” He admonishes everyone to always “Stay God-focused and Bible-centered.”

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