Video 2, Spiritual and Biblical Myths and Lies We Believe about Angels and Demons, Spirits and Ghosts, Spirit Guides and Spiritualism in the Supernatural Paranormal Realm by Author Marvin Lee Adkins

Separates common falsehoods people believe today from facts and truth about angels and demons, apparitions, familiar spirits, prevalent in our world today. It’s readers:

See digital photographic proofs and learn facts which prove angels and demons, God and Satan, and Heaven and Hell are real and interact with mankind here on Earth.

Get credible answers to questions about angels, demons, spirits, spirit beings, ghosts, apparitions, familiar spirits and spiritualism others ignore. It answers many questions about spirit beings others ignore:

  1. Know if a spirit being is godly or satanic?
  2. How popular is the supernatural today?
  3. Should we seek after angels and spirit beings?
  4. What is the difference between fake and real Christians?
  5. Can we command angels and spirit beings?
  6. Death angels?
  7. What do angels look like?

How do we do spiritual warfare with God’s angels against Satan’s demons today? What are the differences between angels and demons?

  1. Does everyone really have a “guardian angel”?
  2. Should we pray to and worship angels, God, both or neither??
  3. What is God’s divine hierarchy or order of angels?
  4. Are all angels male with wings?
  5. Is Gabriel really an archangel?
  6. What are the names of the angels?
  7. Are angels just winged people, apparitions, reincarnated spirits?
  8. Are all angels good and godly?
  9. What are God light angels?
  10. How to not be deceived by the deceived? And more.

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