Video 3, Spiritual and Biblical Myths and Lies We Believe about the Bible, God, and Satan, Heaven and Hell and Spiritualism in the Supernatural Paranormal Realm by Author Marvin Lee Adkins

Candidly destroy common myths and lies we believe about the Bible, God, and Satan, and Heaven and Hell we often in error believe, including:

  • How everything spiritual is NOT good or godly.
  • How God is far greater than Satan.
  • How Jesus Christ did NOT operate on Earth as fully God.
  • How most people want to go to Heaven, but few want to die.
  • How Satan and God are NOT equal opposites
  • How the God and the Bible Has Influenced Society and History
  • Why mankind does not have all the right answers.
  • Why God and the Bible are NOT optional.
  • Why the names of God and Satan are important.
  • Why it is important that we serve God, not Satan in all that we say and do.

It also answers tough questions others seem to either ignore or give misleading answers too.

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