Video 4, Godly Spiritual Discernment versus Ungodly Divination, How to Know the Godly from the Ungodly in Ideology, Theology, Doctrines, Politics, and Practice by Author Marvin Lee Adkins

This video of introduction helps separate the genuine from the fake. Indeed, there are many winds of doctrines blowing across the landscape, minds, understandings, and spirits around the world today. While some are godly, many are indeed ungodly. This book helps you know the difference between the freeing godly and the enslaving ungodly.

Herein we look at various important aspects of the supernatural and natural realm in which we all live today, including

  1. The popularity of spirits, spiritualism, and the paranormal or supernatural realm today.
  2. Myth- All things Spiritual are good and godly.
  3. How God’s spirit guide beats all ungodly spirit guides easily.
  4. Satan’s Fakes versus God’s Real Spirit and spirit guides.
  5. How powerful are God and His Angels over Satan and his demons?
  6. The importance and reality of spiritual warfare in our world today.
  7. The importance of stopping, looking, resting, going and flowing in our world today.
  8. Beware of Satan’s Devices
  9. How God’s Revealing R’s keep you safe and sound on your LIFE journey today.
  10. Know the difference between fake-abee and really be Christians.
  11. God’s levels of Christian maturity in the Kingdom of God today.
  12. How to know the real from the fake, true discernment versus false divination.
  13. The ungodly go “MAD” and do “Crazy” things.
  14. The importance of being Berean today.
  15. And, more.

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