Marvin Adkins

Marvin Lee Adkins

An ordained minister, prophetic seer, and prophetic voice book author Marvin Lee Adkins brings years of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to his various writings and daily Life Ministry. Marvin lives with his family in South Mississippi and enjoys fishing, the sea, wooden boats, lighthouses, traveling, history and tinkering in his shop.

Marvin Lee Adkins Book Author

Life in Heaven After My Death by Andrew,” tells the real-life story of young Andrew and his Daddy’s journey to Heaven after Andrew’s death and how their lives changed totally.

Discernment vs. Divination” is a quick read, and well-documented study contrasting discernment and divination in the natural, political, spiritual, and supernatural realms.

The book, “President Donald John Trump: Traitor or Savior of America?” by Marvin Lee Adkins, quickly, with well-documented facts reveals the fuller deeper story about Donald Trump.

Don’t let Marxists and ANTIFA “takedown” and destroy America and your freedoms! Fight back wisely to win, not lose.