Marvin Adkins

Marvin’s Prophecies

Father God has given me many prophetic words and prophetic seer visions about America, politicians, President Trump and others as recorded in my various writings. 

However, the following points are  what He shared with me in the early morning hours of January 1, 2018 in Panama City, Florida:

  1. Gods Church (remnant people) are going in a new way in a new day in 2018 and beyond. 
  2. Those that knowingly refuse to accept, but reject and fight against me, I will reject and write Ichabod over their door. 
  3. Man’s religious segregation will end, and Gods integration shall begin.
  4. God’s new “new” has already started.
  5. God is bringing forth His Transforming Revival of the KINGDOM OF GOD.
  6. God’s Gospel has not changed, but how and where God’s Church preaches and teaches it has.
  7. No longer will the focus solely be to come in, see and join.
  8. But watch and see that the Lord Jesus Christ is Good to you today. 
  9. Genuine worship shall become new, refreshing, and involve sounds and notes never heard before. NOTE. REPORTS THIS HAS HAPPENED IN NC.
  10. This will be the best of times and the worse of times, salvation and damnation, strife and peace. 
  11. God has removed many of His faithful servants from the Earth that they might avoid the pain and shame of what is coming upon the Earth. 
  12. But I, God shall protect my people who draw nigh to me now and prepare how I tell them now. 
  13. Look not to the hands of men, but instead look to my hand, cloak, and side for safety and support. 
  14. Pray an angelic supernatural cloak of secrecy over yourselves for all that you say and do.
  15. The prophetic will become more and more detailed.
  16. No more blanket one size fits all generalities, but specifics.
  17. This is how you will know the true from the false. 
  18. My supernatural ministry and travel will become routine for many saints.
  19. My signs and wonders will indeed follow my saints once again.
  20. My love will once again flow toward the unloved. My wrath will fall upon the disobedient, lawless, and unrepentant.
  21. Indeed my judgment will begin at the house of the Lord.
  22. Many churches claim to be mine, but neither do they or I know each other.
  23. They have a mere form of godliness but deny my power in their midst.
  24. From these turn away, for these are a stench of vomit in My nostrils. 
  25. These merely play church, calling their religious experience “church.” But they are wrong.
  26. Many look to be raptured out of here. They forget that they are called to fight in my army, says the Lord. 
  27. Prayer and spiritual warfare today is changing from the old ways of man into the new ways of God. It shall become specific targets to pray over, declare, and decree over. 
  28. Prayer shall become easier, not harder. 
  29. I choose to partner with you, as you allow Me to come alive fully in you.
  30. You will speak, and it will happen.
  31. Forget not that life, death, and destruction are in the power of your tongue.
  32. Use tour tongue wisely says the Lord. 
  33. I love all people but hate all sin, yours and theirs. 
  34. Neither have My Word or I changed. But My ways for this hour have changed. 
  35. I am gracious, but my grace no longer overlooks your sins. 
  36. I am love, but my love no longer blinks and overlooks the sins of humanity.
  37. I am holy, but I no longer overlook unholiness in the earth, especially my church. 
  38. I am righteous, but I no longer overlook unrighteousness in the earth, especially in my church. 
  39. You thought I would forgive and forget. Many serve me only with their mouth, not their heart, or with their lives. 
  40. I am looking for those who dare to seek, love, and serve me with their whole heart.
  41. I am looking to use those that walk the walk and live the life of a true Christian, not those that merely talk the talk about being a “Christian.”
  42. Those who are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of them.
  43. Indeed, old things are passing away and behold all things are becoming new.
  44. I am working a new way in this My new day. I am partnering with those that choose to partner with me and my angels.