Marvin Adkins

Marvin’s LIFE Ministry

As discussed and exampled in both his life and ministry today, after the death of his beloved son, Andrew, Marvin came to realize that church as usual is largely boring and unfruitful. The focus far too often for far too many pastors and ministers is come support me, as I do the ministry. Marvin understands all ministers and ministries need support with money, presence, and prayer. However, Marvin has always had a Kingdom of God focus that looks beyond people and programs to ask the question, “God, what do you want me to do or say about whatever?”

Thus, today Marvin ministers with and supports other ministers in team ministry establishing and building God’s kingdom upon the Earth today. He has learned to look past the hype and claims, such as “God is moving over here…” or “Oh, we really are having great… over here.” Only, to arrive to find, much of what they are calling “good” is little more that sensationalism. Marvin is not seeking another feel good “revival.” Marvin and countless others like him are partnering with God to see God’s transformation of America, one soul or a million souls at a time. However, God so desires.

Marvin has learned the hard way, that God is indeed sovereign in all things He chooses to do. Thus, Marvin simply chooses to partner with God, in whatever God is truly doing today, no matter, whatever, where ever, however God chooses. In other words, Marvin has pulled off his god shoes, and is now allowing God to lead, guide, and direct him in all that he says and odes on the Earth today. After all, Father God IS GOD, Marvin chooses to be God’s faithful, obedient servant all the days of his life