Marvin Adkins


The book, “President Donald John Trump: Traitor or Savior of America?” by Marvin Lee Adkins, quickly reveals the fuller, deeper story about Donald Trump with well-documented facts.

“Discernment vs. Divination” is a quick read, and well-documented study contrasting discernment and divination in the natural, political, spiritual, and supernatural realms.

“Life in Heaven After My Death by Andrew,” tells the real-life story of young Andrew and his Daddy’s journey to Heaven after Andrew’s death and how their lives changed totally.

Proof all this supernatural spiritual stuff is not a joke, but very real according to facts, testimonials, and tamper-proof photographic evidence.

It accurately separates the credible from the uncredible and incredible false teachings about the Bible, God, Heaven, Satan, and Hell from credible facts.

How and why Trump wins again in 2020 despite everything they say and do to stop him. Trump’s secret partner, exposing Washington government corruption, who always wins.

Don’t let Marxists and ANTIFA “takedown” and destroy America and your freedoms! Fight back wisely to win, not lose.