Marvin Adkins

Marvin’s Christian Beliefs

The Christian beliefs of Marvin Lee Adkins are foundational for most everything about who Marvin is. He was raised a fundamentalist Christian of “God said it, that settles it,” in a strict Pentecostal background. He did fellowship with other Christians, including Baptists, Methodists, etc.

Throughout Marvin’s life, he has one consuming desire, “God, I want all you have for me that I can share that with others.” Marvin reasons, why be satisfied with a bit of God, when God has far more for you to receive, share, and do than you realize.

In over forty years of serving God, Marvin has had many spiritual encounters, including those he and Andrew share in their book, “Life in Heaven After My Death by Andrew.” Some of the greatest are when Marvin just allows God to love, minister, touch, heal others through him, God’s humbled servant. Wow!

Marvin’s Basic Christian beliefs. Christianity is more than a mere religion or a series of “religious” acts or beliefs. True Christianity is a personal relationship with Almighty God, via Jesus Christ. God’s everlasting Word, the Bible is the foundation upon which Christianity is based.

Post COVID-19 God, who never changes personally, is doing Christianity His NEW WAY in THIS NEW DAY. No, He has not tossed His word in the trash, rather He is fulfilling His Living Word, in and through the saints of God in the Earth today. This is manifested in their lives, by the lives they live, the love of God in their hearts for God and others, and by the lasting fruitfulness of their LIFE Ministry daily. More about this is revealed under Marvin’s prophecies below.

God or His eternal written Word, the Bible will never change, but God’s ways and methods have changed, for God is indeed moving in and through the lives of His children, the Saints of God in new and powerful ways today. These Mighty saints of God are fast learning who and what they are in Christ Jesus, and more importantly, who and what the Spirit of God is and can do through them daily.

As saints of God, we cannot dictate to God how, when, where, what, or with whom God is going to do what. Rather, we must pull off our god shoes, and walk humbly with our God, allowing Him to live totally, and thoroughly in and through our lives daily, in a manner that truly glorifies God.