Marvin Adkins

Book 2, Myths We Believe About Angels and Demons in the Supernatural Realm

Separate common falsehoods people believe today from facts and truth about angels and demons, apparitions, familiar spirits, prevalent in our world today.

It’s readers:

  • See digital photographic proofs and learn facts which prove angels and demons, God and Satan, and Heaven and Hell are real and interact with mankind here on Earth.
  • Get credible answers to questions about angels, demons, spirits, spirit beings, ghosts, apparitions, familiar spirits and spiritualism others ignore. It answers many questions about spirit beings others ignore:
  1. Know if a spirit being is godly or satanic?
  2. How popular is the supernatural today?
  3. Should we seek after angels and spirit beings?
  4. What is the difference between fake and real Christians?
  5. Can we command angels and spirit beings?
  6. Death angels?
  7. What do angels look like?

How do we do spiritual warfare with God’s angels against Satan’s demons today? What are the differences between angels and demons?

  1. Does everyone really have a “guardian angel”?
  2. Should we pray to and worship angels, God, both or neither??
  3. What is God’s divine hierarchy or order of angels?
  4. Are all angels male with wings?
  5. Is Gabriel really an archangel?
  6. What are the names of the angels?
  7. Are angels just winged people, apparitions, reincarnated spirits?
  8. Are all angels good and godly?
  9. What are God light angels?
  10. How to not be deceived by the deceived? And more.

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Why I Wrote This Book
Why You Should Read This Book

  1. This Book is Uniquely Different
  2. World Religions and the Supernatural Realm Mess
  3. The Purpose of This Writing
  4. Why Is This Book Important?
    1. This Book Is Important Because It Deals with Relevant Topics and Facts
    2. This Book is Important Because It Asks and Answers Pertinent Questions
    3. This Book Builds Upon a Firm Foundation
  5. The Premises of This Book
  6. Is All This Spiritual Stuff a Joke, or Is It Real?
  7. Author, Marvin Lee Adkins, is Uniquely Qualified
    1. The Author’s History with Angels and the Supernatural
    2. Why Write About God, Angels, and the Supernatural?
    3. The Godly and Ungodly in the Supernatural Realm
    4. I want to Make You Think, Learn and Grow into Mature Sons of God
  8. Books by Marvin Lee Adkins

Chapter 1. The Last Straw

  1. False Teachings About Angels is Even Worse than I Originally Thought

Chapter 2. The Popularity of Angels, Demons, Spirits, Ghosts, Spirituality, and Mysticism in the Paranormal Supernatural Realm

  1. Statistics Are Revealing
  2. Angel Imagery
  3. First Impressions about Angels
  4. Worldwide Interest in Angels and the Supernatural
  5. The Magnitude of the Interest in Supernatural Things are Enormous

Chapter 3. Myth, Angels are Just “God Light” Versions of God

  1. Almighty God is No Longer Popular in Some Circles
  2. God’s Angels are NOT “God Lite” or Demigods.
  3. God is Humanity’s Loving Creator or Parent

Chapter 4. Myth: Angels Are Just Dead People

  1. Angels Are Just Dead People
  2. Angels are Just Apparitions
  3. God Knows All Things
  4. Our Lives are Recorded
  5. Ungodly Familiar Spirits Appear as People

Chapter 5. Myth: All Angels Are Good and Godly

  1. What God says is True and Final
  2. Just Because Someone Claims Something, Does NOT Make it True

Chapter 6. Myth: Angels Just Sit, Sing, and Play in Heaven

  1. God’s Holy Angels Worship God Alone
  2. A Few Things God’s Holy Angels Do
  3. Stay Safe by Staying God Focused and Bible Centered

Chapter 7. Myth and Assumption: All Angels Have Wings
Chapter 8. Angels Are NOT Winged People

  1. Angels and People are Similar, Yet Different
  2. The Prophets’ Visions of Spirit Beings and Angels with Wings
    1. Vision #1 – Isaiah’s Vision of Seraphs or Seraphim
    2. Vision #2 – Ezekiel’s Vision of Cherubs or Cherubim
    3. Vision #3 – Zechariah’s Vision of Two Women with Wings

Chapter 9. Myth: All Angels Are Male

  1. Questions Answered About Angels and Spiritual Beings
  2. Angels Can Appear How, When and Where They Choose
  3. Always Stay God Focused and Bible-Centered

Chapter 10. Myth: Gabriel and Lucifer are Archangels

  1. The Angel Gabriel
  2. The Archangel Michael
  3. The Fallen Angel Lucifer (Satan)

Chapter 11. Myth: Everyone We Meet and See Are People

  1. Angels Appear and Disappear in the Bible
  2. Angels Appear and Disappear Today

Chapter 12. Myth: Everyone Has Guardian Angels

  1. Godly People Have Godly Guardian Angels
  2. All God’s Saints Have Guardian Angels
  3. Angels Bring Answered Prayers
  4. Fake Ungodly and Unholy Guardian Angels
  5. Ungodly People Who Do NOT Have Godly and Holy Guardian Angels

Chapter 13. Fallacious Myth: Praying to Angels and Worshiping Angels Is Godly

  1. God’s Holy Angels Will NOT Receive God’s Worship
  2. Prayer to and Worship of Angels
  3. Appearances Can Be Decieving
  4. Stay Safe in the Spiritual Supernatural Realm by Staying God Focused and Bible Centered

Chapter 14. Truth: Satan’s Fakes versus God’s Real

  1. Satan is the Father of Lies
  2. Satan Copies, Corrupts, Perverts, and Counterfeits God’s Originals

Chapter 15. Theories or Truth: God’s Angel Rank Order and Angel Hierarchy

  1. Six Theories of Angelic Order or Angel Hierarchy
    1. Jewish Angelic Hierarchy Order of Angels Theory
    2. Kabbalistic Angel Hierarchy Theory
    3. Nine Choirs Hierarchy Order of Angels Theory
    4. Charles Ryrie’s Hierarchy Order of Angels Theory
    5. Satan Only Counterfeits and Corrupts God’s Angelic Hierarchy Order of Angels Theory
    6. Combined Theories of the God’s Order of Angels Theory
  2. The Facts Regarding God’s Angelic Hierarchy or God’s Order of Angels

Chapter 16. Myth: God’s Angels and Satan’s Demons Are Equal

  1. God’s Holy Angels and Satan’s Unholy Demons Compared
  2. Angels and Demons Reflect the Values of God and Satan
  3. God’s Angels and Satan’s Demons Are Similar
  4. Angels and Demons Are Dissimilar Opposites
  5. Satan’s Demons Are Associated with Satan’s DEATH, Theft, and Destruction of Humanity
  6. God and His Angels Are Far Greater than Satan and His Demons Ever Can Be
  7. Satan and His Demons ARE Defeated
  8. God and His Angels Are Greater and More Powerful Than Satan and His Demons Can Ever Be
  9. Chapter Summary

Chapter 17. Truth: Spiritual Warfare -“It Is in the Book”

  1. Spiritual Warfare Up the Tower of London
  2. Spiritual Warfare On the Eiffel Tower
  3. The Book “This Present Darkness” Changed My Life and Underztanding of Spiritual Warfare
  4. Christians are The Ground Forces of the Army of God in the Earth Today
  5. Chapter Summary

Chapter 18. Contrast: Death Angel and Escort Angels

  1. God’s Death Angel Brought God’s Judgement In Egypt
  2. Everyone Meets the Death Angel Someday
  3. The Most Important Questions You Will Answer for All Eternity

Chapter 19. Myth or Truth: No, You Can’t or Yes, You Can Command Angels

  1. The Traditional View
  2. No Mere Human Can Command Angels.
  3. The Secret Key of Commanding God’s Angels

Chapter 20. Satan’s Fake-a-BEE Christians

  1. Fake Religious “Christians” in the Family of Man
  2. All Religious Fake “Christians” are

Chapter 21. God’s Really Bee Christians, in the Family of God

  1. Babes in Christ – Immature Children of God
  2. Mature Sons of God
  3. The Impasse of an Oxymoron
  4. Christian Maturity Levels
  5. Saints of God – Indwelt by God, Fully Yielded to God, and Used of God
  6. Jesus’ Famous Seven “I am’s”
  7. Saints of God Alive and Well on Autopsy Table
  8. Reminder- All True Christians Are “In Process”

Chapter 22. How to Stay Safe: Angel Solicitation Is NOT Okay

  1. Never Seek Angels Personally or Directly
  2. Seek Father God Like Jesus Did
  3. The Key to Christian Maturity
  4. Always Seek Hard After God
  5. Seek After God, NOT after Angels

Chapter 23. Truth: How to Know the Difference between the Angelic and the Demonic

  1. God Tells Us to “Prove All Things”
  2. “God’s Revealing R’s of Revelation” How to Know God’s Angels from Satan’s Demons
  3. The Key to Knowing the Godly from the Ungodly

Chapter 24. Digital Photographic Proof That God, Angels, Heaven and Satan, Demons and Hell Exists

  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Or More
  2. Inquiring minds want to know all the Truth.
  3. What Do You See?
  4. Full Enlarged Panoramic Picture
  5. Full Panoramic Picture Questions
  6. The Enlarged Picture, a Closer Look
  7. The Enlarged Picture, Questions:
  8. Full Panoramic Digital Picture, Questions Answered
  9. The Enlarged Picture Questions Answered
  10. What is the significance of all this?

Chapter 25. Book Summary

  1. Truth and Falsehoods
  2. Some of the Truths we found herein are:

Chapter 26. Prayers

  1. Prayer of Healing and Forgiveness
  2. My Prayer of Blessings and Healing for You
  3. Salvation Prayer for Everyone
  4. My Prayer for Your Fulfilled Purpose and DestinyCome

Read, enjoy, and learn what you have been missing. BUY HERE NOW. Watch Introductory Video HERE NOW.  


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